If you have ever purchased a pair of Bluetooth wireless speakers, you might have been disappointed by how close by the speakers have to be in order to pick up the wireless signal. Every wireless speaker has limitations regarding its operating range. Let me explain the cause of these limitations and what you can do to improve the range.

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Bluetooth speakers don’t come with its dedicated transmitter unit. On the other hand, speaker models for outdoors typically have its dedicated transmitter base. As a result, Bluetooth speakers depend on how strong the signal is which is being sent by the device which is streaming the audio. Bluetooth is classified as class I and class II. Class I devices typically are able to send the signal up to 30 feet while class II devices can broadcast for up to 100 feet. That might be enough for indoor applications. However, …

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Audio amplifiers come in different styles and have different specifications. You can use this post as a simple guide for selecting an amp for your particular application. I will go over some of the requirements that are important to know before you go out purchasing an amplifier.

If you are installing an amplifier in your car then you are restricted in your amplifier selection. Car amplifiers by definition work of a battery. The voltage of car batteries fluctuates and is typically around 12 V. However, the actual voltage depends on how fully charged the battery is. Car amplifiers were specifically designed for connecting to a car battery. Therefore, these amplifiers have a step-up voltage converter on board. It would not make sense to connect another amplifier to a car battery because the voltage of the car batteries not stable. Also, without a step-up voltage converter you would not …

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If you are in the market for audio amplifier then I recommend reading my tips. I have a background in audio engineering and am familiar with most commonly used amplifier concepts and technologies. Unfortunately, I cannot give you a specific model to purchase because it depends on your budget and also on your speakers as well as your audio source. But more importantly, everybody’s personal preference is different when it comes to sound quality and looks. Therefore it is not possible to make a recommendation to purchase a specific model.

Before purchasing an amplifier, you will need to review your application and requirements. First of all, you’ll need to figure out what loudspeakers you are trying to connect to the amplifier. Then you need to consider the sensitivity of the speakers. Very sensitive speakers do not require as much wattage to achieve a certain loudness then less sensitive …

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